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KISMET is about taking fate into your own hands, turning it over, and crushing it.


Adrestia’s family that have been planning, for generations, to end the rule of the Pantheon. With her family gone, it’s up to Adrestia to find a way to put a stop to the destructive reign of the Gods once and for all. On the run and scrambling for allies, will she have what it takes to break Olympus?


About The Book


KISMET is a comic 5 years in the making. It wouldn’t have been possible without Arielle, my steadfast fan, and Brinae, my super-tolerant business partner. I have built this book from my anger and from my love. This book is dedicated to being an unrelentingly and uncompromisingly angry and loud woman.



About the Author


Defne Sastim is a Turkish, Muslim, bisexual ball of anger that developed limbs and the ability to speak 26 years ago. She is a concept artist, illustrator, writer and artist for KISMET. She fixes computers in her spare time.